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Born in the unfashionable city of Fort Worth, Texas there was never much glitz nor glamour. Although creativity seem to flow endless throughout Shon Gardner. Innovation was birth during his middle school years when the ideas of fashion became a visual to the notepad. Years later after high school he attended Art Institute of Dallas to become a chef, although the passion of fashion still burned at his finger tips to produce a collection.


Navigating through life, many discovered he was a walking body of art. From being a music artist, cook, and style curator. His first collection became a reality during his second fashion production "Men of The Hour"  Fall 2014. With many years in the fashion industry, and having a critical eye for details Shon has soared! Working alongside some of the industry's leading designers, and even featured as a designer during New York Fashion Week with his Cloud Nine Couture brand Fall 2018.


With an immense love for the show Fashion Police which aired after every major award show on the Entertainment TV network, the spark of being an onscreen personality came to mind. They raved about the hottest fashion Do's and the biggest fashion Dont's on the red carpet. Years later, The Man Behind The Brand was born bringing the best of fashion, lifestyle, and entertainment together on one platform.


Since then the Texas media mogul has been seen hosting on several red carpets, and onscreen conducting many interviews. Not only is Shon The Man Behind The Brand, but he is a man with a vision and a plan. While his aesthetic is yet indescribable, his ambition, drive, and determination can be compared to some of his influences such as Tyler Perry, Beyoncé, and Sean "Diddy" Combs.


"While some things are given, many times you have to set your own table and give yourself permission to sit in any room'. - Shon Gardner

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